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Why and When You Need a Touch-Up for Your Permanent Makeup

Hey there, lovely folks! Let's chat about something important in the world of permanent makeup – the touch-up. At OptiBrow Permanent Makeup, we're all about making things simple and keeping you looking fab. So, here's the lowdown.

Why Bother with a Touch-Up?

Everyone's different, right? Well, so is how we heal after getting a cosmetic tattoo. Since permanent makeup is a bit like getting inked, less is better than more. That's why we talk about touch-ups. After your first session, colors might fade unevenly, a bit lighter than expected sometimes and some spots need a little extra love. The touch-up sorts out these things, making sure your colors look just right.

Sometimes, because of how your skin heals, we might suggest different aftercare instructions for the touch-up. And here's a tip: To get the best results it's important to follow provided aftercare instructions like they're gold. And please avoid following your friends instructions, every artist has their own style and at OptiBrow PMU we use the instructions that work the best and has showed us the best results. It's your beauty investment, after all.

Healed eyebrow tattoo after one session, healed powder brows auckland
Healed Powder Brows After 1 Session

Not Too Much, Not Too Little

Now, a quick word about moderation. Too many touch-ups over the years can make things a bit too bold and over saturated. As mentioned before, everyone's different and not all people need a touch up every year, if possible wait at least a few years. Permanent makeup is like your beauty sidekick, not a full makeup replacement. We're all about a soft touch and a natural enhancement, we can only work with what you got.

When's the Right Time for a Touch-Up?

Sure, we all find things when we stare too close in the mirror. But take a step back, about a meter away. If everything looks good, you might not need a touch-up just yet. But if your makeup has lost its sparkle and faded away, it's time.

And for the brow lovers, a touch of tint or henna can perk things up without diving into a full touch-up – especially when your brow hairs decide to go on a light vacation.

How OptiBrow Can Help

Not sure if you need a touch-up? No problem. We offer free chats to figure things out. Book a consultation with us, and we'll help you out. We're here to keep things easy and beautiful. See our Touch-up pricing here. OptiBrow PMU.

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