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How to make your permanent makeup last longer

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

For the best long term results, it's important to know how to make your permanent makeup last longer long, and the key is to follow long term aftercare instructions. Doing so helps to stop the tattoo from fading.

  • Use a light weight sunscreen no less than SPF30!

  • When getting a facial treatment such as chemical peels, facial scrubs, laser treatments, etc. avoid the tattooed area, and ask your technician to apply Vaseline prior the treatment to protect the area.

  • Avoid oily/poor quality makeup products in the area (mineral makeup products are highly recommended).

  • Avoid using acidic serums/creams, Retinols, anti-aging creams on the tattooed area. Also Hyaluronic acid- it is great for over all skin, it hydrates the skin, makes it more plump however can dilute the ink over time.

  • Do not use brow tint or henna no more than twice in a month. Some of the ingredients like Hydrogen Peroxide can make your cosmetic tattoo to fade faster.

  • After swimming in a pool/chlorine or salt water, it's recommended to rinse your tattooed area with fresh water.

  • With oily skin types it's recommended to use skin care products designed to reduce oil buildup.

  • And once again, use SPF!

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