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What is Dark Lip Neutralization

Updated: Feb 26

Darkly pigmented lips are commonly observed in individuals with skin types categorized as Fitzpatrick IV and above, and in some cases, Fitzpatrick III, as shown in the image below.

Dark Lip Neutralization
Fitzpatrick scale

If you have dark lips with purple, brown, or blue hues, or spots of hyperpigmentation, it may be necessary to undergo neutralization sessions before getting the Lip Blush Tattoo.

Higher melanin levels in some lips can result in a multi-colored appearance, like a brown upper lip and a pink bottom lip, and may also exhibit hyper-pigmentation. Due to the vascular nature of lip tissue, hyper-pigmented lips often show cool blue and purple undertones to the naked eye.

To achieve an even and balanced lip color, it's crucial to use complimentary colors during the neutralization process. Applying ordinary lip pigment might initially look pleasing, but it can heal with a cool, unnatural blue tone, especially on already darker areas.

Neutralizing dark lips differs from a standard lip blush procedure. During neutralization sessions, we assess your lip undertones and target the darker areas using specific pigments. This prepares the lips for the desired color during the Lip Blush Tattoo process. The neutralization requires a precise technique and lip pigment colors with yellow, orange, and peach bases.

Following the procedure, your lips will appear as a lighter nude tone, which will fade by 30-40% during the healing period. Multiple neutralizing sessions might be necessary to assess how your specific lips heal and to layer accordingly.

Only after complete neutralization of the lips can we proceed to tattoo the target color, especially if a warm color other than pink is desired. Some clients may even find themselves loving the neutral color provided by this process and opt not to choose a new target color.

The healing process for lip skin takes around 5 days, but it may take up to 6-8 weeks to see the final results. Some clients undergoing neutralization may experience temporary hypo/hyper-pigmentation, which, although rare in dark lips, can be concerning if not aware of the process.

Rest assured, this is a normal part of the healing journey and typically resolves within 6-12 weeks on average, revealing the true color of the tattoo.

Embracing the neutralization process ensures beautiful and natural-looking Lip Blush Tattoos for those with darker skin and lips, complementing their unique beauty effortlessly. 🌈💄💋

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