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7 Benefits of Permanent Makeup

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Find out the benefits of permanent makeup. Do you have a busy lifestyle with a busy social calendar and want to save up hours in the morning applying makeup? Are you allergic to regular makeup products? You enjoy sports, such as swimming and exercising, but are afraid your brows will sweat off? Did you overplucked your brows or have alopecia? Read more..

1. Want to save up more time and look great between gym work-outs?

For people with an active lifestyle, and who want to look their best when doing sports for example, such as swimming, hiking, gym, HIIT, tennis or other aerobics and want to save up time by re-applying. Permanent makeup is smudge proof and lasts for years, with almost no maintenance.

2. Have bad vision?

Once we get older, our vision starts to blur or some of us are already born with a bad vision. In this case a cosmetic tattoo is a game changer, no more uneven brows or the stress of applying makeup on with a shaky hand.

3. Has your brow hair been affected by over-plucking, alopecia or chemotherapy?

Permanent makeup helps to restore the symmetry and creates natural looking brows for your liking. It will improve and enhance your facial features by drawing attention away from irregularities.

4.Has your lip line been affected by cold sores by leaving scars or are your lips too pale?

Again once we age, we start losing a bit more volume, our lips start to lose more colour and elasticity. With permanent lip tattoos it is possible to recreate lost definition, even up the colour that scarring has caused, or make them look more plump. It can often take years off your age.

5.Want to save up?

Permanent makeup lasts for years. With regular touch ups, you may never have to purchase pencils and liners again! It’s an assurance that you can wake up looking your best every day, with little to no effort.

6.Is your skin extra sensitive to real makeup, allergies?

Permanent makeup is especially valuable to people who can’t wear traditional cosmetics because of allergies and skin sensitivities. In most cases the dye used in cosmetic tattooing does not contain the same allergens as traditional makeup. You get to look good without putting your health on the line.

In OptiBrow Permanent makeup studio we can always do a patch test if required before the initial appointment.

7.Want to wake up already looking good?

Good news, permanent makeup stays on all night and all day!

If you have questions please do not hesitate to ask us


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